Sunshine Coast based multi instrumentalist sensation Chris Flaskas is an act not to be missed!!

First making waves in 2014 with his beautifully crafted debut album A New Sun, Chris Flaskas has risen to prominence over the past couple of years, wowing audiences with his electrifying live performances. Wielding an arsenal of instruments, Chris' trademark sound is a re-imagining that he calls 'Earth Rock' – a high-power blend of alternative, roots, funk, folk, blues and Indigenous music. Through his thoughtful, philosophical lyrics, Chris has earned the reputation of an intellectual artist imparting spiritual knowledge... a modern thinker with a tribal soul.

Following on from his award-winning (2015) When The Gold Is Gone EP, Single Release Kings Of High (2016), is Chris Flaskas, all guns blazing... a song you can dance to, sing along with, and just lose yourself to. The power of Chris' live sound has been captured perfectly on the single, which was recorded at Heliport Studios, situated on a mountain in the Queensland rainforest overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Every inch of that beauty, every breath of that air, has gone into Kings Of High and its tribute to the millions of creative souls ever-seeking higher perspective.

Chris Flaskas "Trio" 

Roots - funk- rock legends Chris Flaskas Trio bring real live tribal acoustic sounds to the doorstep of your senses sharing a multi dimensional experience that will touch and invigorate your soul.  Chris Flaskas Trio's trademark sound is a re-imagining they call 'Earth Rock' – a high-power blend of alternative, roots, funk, folk, blues and Indigenous music utilizing native instruments. Through the bands unique magnetic connection & Chris's thoughtful, philosophical lyrics and soul infused instrumentation- ship the Trio has earned the reputation for being a powerful motivating & uplifting act that has wowed and deeply moved audiences.

2017 see's Chris team up with master world percussionist Duncan Barker & Soul bassist Jasper Lambert to bring forth a new vision called- Chris Flaskas Trio. Already supporting blues- rock Legend Ash Grunwald and Wild Marmalade with Paul George from Tijuana Cartel the Boys set their sights higher having secured headlining shows and festivals up and down the East Coast of Australia. Chris Flaskas Trio is infectious in the way they command the stage, their unique sound is instantly earthy with a distinctly Australian rhythm.  A true taste of modern tribal funk & story- telling at its best.

Chris is ready to take his music and his message worldwide!!!

“Chris’s Roots based original compositions are well thought out , inspirational and he as a performer is always able to connect to his audience through song and story”- Brian Goodworth (venue booker for The Solbar in Maroochydore)

"Chris is ultra talented and charismatic with amazing energy and a powerful and unique sound. Music and energy are clearly his gift to the world. He is also an absolute gentlemen off the stage. He will go far."- Jason John Contos ( Front man of Kallidad)