A New Beginning with Chris Flaskas Trio 2017

A New Beginning with Chris Flaskas Trio 2017

2017 opens a "New World" and musical venture for Sunshine Coast Based multi- instrumental shredder Chris Flaskas as he expands into his first ever band setting.

Supporting Ash Grunwald New Years Eve then Wild Marmalade with Paul George from Tijuana Cartel 2017 is looking to be huge for the boys with key headline shows and festivals already locked in.   

With the swift change over brings a new groove and slight tweak to Chris's unique original sound explained by punters, promoters and venue holders to be Funk Folk Rock swings with a distinct underlying Dance rhythm and of course topped off with a touch of tribal spirit in the mix.

Flaskas Teams up with master precussionist Duncan Barker and Funk Bassist Jasper Lambert creating the powerful vision named "Chris Flaskas Trio" fresh with new sounds, songs and positive vibes. 

Keep and eye out for the lads as they tour the East Coast of Australia and hang on for there new EP being release mid year. For more info on shows and whats happening in the world of Chris Flaskas Music check out: 

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PREMIERE: With barrels, didgeridoos and wedge-tailed eagles, its's hard to get any more Australian than Chris Flaskas, Kings Of High

PREMIERE: With barrels, didgeridoos and wedge-tailed eagles, its's hard to get any more Australian than Chris Flaskas, Kings Of High

Chris Flaskas’s self-labelled ‘earth rock’ has well and truly exploded beyond his home on the Sunshine Coast, safely slotting into roots, alternative and folk shows all over the country.

The soulful multi-instrumentalist recently released his first tune since February, Kings Of High, an enriching and undoubtedly Australian track. Today, Flaskas brings in the official video to match.

Chris Flaskas will take you on the Aussie bush vacation you wish you were having right now with his new clip Kings Of High.

Recently ticking Maroochydore off his live checklist, it’s easy to tell why Flaskas is blowing up nationally. If Kings Of High doesn’t make you brim with Crocodile Dundee style “You call that a knife?” Aussie pride, then nothing will.

The song itself intermingles Flaskas’ folky vocal style while neatly showing off his multi-instrumentalism. Amongst the vox, percussion and accoustic strumming, a didgeridoo even comes into the mix.

In it’s own right, we could probably ship the Kings Of High clip overseas as a tourism commercial. For starters, the production quality is out of this world, especially considering the difficulty of filming nature and wildlife.

The video features rolling, gum tree ridden Aussie mountainside, some weighty barrels and a bloody wedge-tailed eagle juxtaposed with shots of Flaskas himself in the studio, playing sunny festival stages and doing some cheeky bush bashing.

For the average Aussie folk/roots punter, this may just be heaven incarnate.

Preaching the value of nature and Flaskas’ strong belief in self-empowerment, it’s no wonder Kings Of Highmakes you want to pack up the swag and hit your favourite national park for the weekend.

If, like Flaskas himself, you find your home on the East Coast, you’ll soon be able to catch him touring Kings Of High live. Jump over to his Facebook for all the dates, and any other info you’ll need.