SOLO artist Chris Flaskas is asking a simple question of us when he shares his soulful words in his new single When The Gold Is Gone. 

With its upbeat tempo and powerful didgeridoo drone, he challenges us to explore putting aside the gold or material possessions of our world and focusing on our loves and the relationships we share. 

“It’s about the heart – about going right back to the roots, right back beyond everything,” Flaskas said. 

“I am trying to shift people’s awareness away from their busy lives towards honouring and be grateful for the simple connections that we have.” 

When The Gold Is Gone is receiving national and international recognition including Triple J airtime with Sarah Howells and winning the Best Alternative Rock/Folk Song at the 2015 Akademia Music Awards.

It’s also the star of the Flaskas show, which he is taking on the road throughout the Coast, touring over the next two months. 

The multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and singer is sharing with his audience all the music from his new four-track EP along with songs from the 2014 album A New Sun plus a handful of new songs that he is writing.

The self-described earth/rock musician has developed an exceptional style and presentation, using a range of instruments on stage from his favoured didgeridoos, to the lap steel slide, a tambourine on the left foot and a stomp pedal on the right foot, harmonica and the 12-string guitar. 

Flaskas, 29, has only been performing for three years, yet in that time, he has been on the stage at the Ocean Street World Festival, the Caloundra Music Festival and Peregian Originals Festival. 

“I taught myself to do everything about seven years ago,” Flaskas said.

“At that time, I literally had no idea how to play any of the instruments that I play now. 

“I come from a musical family, but I neglected music my whole life until I went to Europe and took a guitar with me. 

“Basically from there, I started writing my own music.”

When he returned to the Coast, he sought the advice of his father Peter, who still plays gigs around the Coast, and then started with an open-mic night at Maroochydore’s Solbar. 

From there, it has been a busy road forward as he fits in his full-time job as a builder and carpenter along with gigging about three times a week.

Once this tour season finishes, Flaskas will start work on his material for a “big festival on the Coast in September”. 

His selection in the line-up for the event is still to be announced, but that is just another step in the right direction for this talented artist who wants to do many more big-event gigs. 

“I really want to make the transition off the Coast and into the festival, bigger-event route,” Flaskas said.

He’s also organising an interstate tour for later in the year and has started work on recording his a new EP. Flaskas next performs at the Drift Bar Caloundra tonight and at the Black Bunny Kitchen at Alex Headland on May 14. Tickets are available at the door for both venues